This section was the beginning of this website some 25 years ago. Our daughter Erica decided to use the life story of her great grandfather António Costa as the theme for a school project during her year 12. She asked my father to describe the life of António Costa and I translated the text writen by my father in Portuguese for her.

Roots tells us about the arrival in Angola of the first free setlers. Amongst them my grandfater António Costa and the family of my grandmother Rita.

This section is divided in three major parts:

  •      Lubango – The beginning, describing the arrival in Angola and the first years of settlement in Lubango

  •      Chimbondo – The Dream, the Costa’s decided to look for a better place to start their life and moved to Chimbondo

  •      Bela Vista – Home at last After Chimbondo the Costa’s moved to Bela Vista, place where they lived the rest of their lives

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